The new Youth for Christ New Zealand - Reaching the youth of New Zealand with the Gospel of Jesus Christ

About Us

Team - Staff and Volunteers

Currently YFC NZ is working with voluntary leaders

Youth Workers refers to any people committed to working in the ministry whether sponsored, unsponsored, or casual. They will have signed the Statement of Faith, and the Ministry Agreement. This requirement is designed to offer a means of security, and protection, for the young people, that YFC NZ are ministering to, and for the ministry as well.

Volunteers refer to family or friends who may help from time to time.

Youth for Christ is the largest Christian Youth organization, globally, and is operational in over 130 countries. South Pacific Island nations are opening, with YFC ministry already in Samoa, American Samoa, and Tonga.  Evangelism and making disciples of Jesus Christ is the foundation of the YFC ministry and vision.

Explanation: Another organization, represented YFC International in New Zealand under the name of Youth for Christ, until the early 2000's. The Board at that time, chose to go in another direction of previous YFC NZ Boards, YFCI, and their member countries. As a result it was de-registered as a YFC youth movement. It no longer is connected with YFC NZ or YFC International, and has changed its name.

Disclaimer: For any group or individual to represent Youth for Christ International, or YFC, within New Zealand, they need the NZ Board's approval. If that NZ based group, or person is not mentioned on this official web site, they have no working relationship with YFC NZ, or any other country, within the YFC international family. No group or individual can use the names, or logos of the YFC International ministry.

For clarity on whether a youth project or person is part of YFC, please contact the Board.