The new Youth for Christ New Zealand - Reaching the youth of New Zealand with the Gospel of Jesus Christ

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After several years in ministry recess, Youth for Christ New Zealand or YFC NZ has been re-established. 

Meetings were convened initially during 2014, by the Samoa YFC NZ Alumni. This group consisted of older leaders who were previously involved in Samoa  YFC, when they were younger, but who now lived in New Zealand.

There were concerns about a lack of a  YFC ministry presence in New Zealand, after several fruitful decades of work among the youth of New Zealand. 

A previous organisation that worked under the name of YFC in New Zealand, had decided to move in a different direction to the core values and vision of the Youth For Christ International family.

The Samoa YFC Alumni NZ gathered for prayer and discussion for several months during 2014. There was a deep concern among Ministers, and other Church leaders, some of whom, then met with the Alumni during 2014.

Contact was made with Youth for Christ International. With their support, a special General meeting was organized for December 2014..

At the December General meeting it was agreed with the support of YFC International, to reform the YFC NZ ministry. Elections were held in December for a National Board.  

It was agreed to register a new Incorporated Society, to formally register the new YFC NZ. This length of time of this process, was out of the new Board's control. It eventually took several months during 2015 to obtain the legal names and the web site address. 

Youth for Christ New Zealand was first formed in 1950. At its peak of influence, it undertook ministry in around 17 regional centres, in reaching out to young people with the Gospel. This Gospel message has not changed and is still relevant in this current generation.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is timeless, and also transcends culture, and different generations. What was Truth at creation, is still Truth today.

The new YFC Board see it is important, YFC NZ honour the Lord, the Gospel message, and the commitment, dedication, and work, of past YFC leaders, that served from the 1950's under the previously named YFC NZ.

We need to uphold the Gospel, as proclaimed by Jesus Christ, and taught by Paul, and the Apostles, The new YFC ministry will honour and stay true to the Statement of Faith of YFC International, which has been in place, for more than 70 years. 

There is no room for deviation from 'Divine Absolutes'. Today there are many post-modern pressures within the church, with more church leaders now applying the principles of relativism, than ever before. This basically means the guiding principals for life are relative to human experience, and there are very few, if any, universal absolutes to live by.  

After waiting for the Incorporated Society to be registered, a public launch took place in February 2016. The new YFC NZ Board knows both the Words of Christ, and the way to salvation have never changed. These remain timeless.

The new YFC wants to raise up young disciples and leaders in this nation, who know what it is to follow Christ, and the cost involved.

Several people in this new ministry venture, have years of experience in leadership within YFC, and the church, in different nations. This includes New Zealand, and South Pacific Islands. Some involvement, dates back around 44 years.

There is a clear need in this great nation of New Zealand for a new move of evangelism, and disciple making, and to raise up sound leaders for today and tomorrow.

2018 End of year

'Friends of YFC' NZ gathering

The new YFC NZ will not try to duplicate whathas been done in the past. The Board is seeking fresh guidance on how best to reach out to this nation's young people, in a way that honours God.

A 'Hand of Hope'. New Zealand youth are at a crisis point with this country. We have the highest teen suicide numbers in the developed world. The new YFC NZ is burdened about this, and is offering a voice, and a hand to help bring about change in, and give hope to, the youth of New Zealand.

For a more detailed overview of the Samoa YFC Alumni NZ's input in the re-launch of YFC NZ, please click on the link ALUMNI