The new Youth for Christ New Zealand - Reaching the youth of New Zealand with the Gospel of Jesus Christ




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  • YFC NZ  will focus on 5 key strategies in the YFC NZ ministry. These will be

Evangelism - Discipleship - Leadership training - Mission teams - Leadership interns

YFC NZ is concentrating on Evangelism and Discipleship. It is important to have the foundation of 'disciple making' with new followers of Christ established, for when other ministry activities commence.

YFC NZ will then teach and train in Leadership Development, while maintaining the momentum on Evangelism and Discipleship as a core task on new leaders.

Contact YFC  for the next Discipleship Multiplication or Leadership Training. If you think the Lord is leading you to be involved in the new YFC why not email at contact@yfc.org.nz  

  • A Reason to live - Hand of Hope.

A support ministry dealing with the important issue of Youth suicide.  New Zealand has the highest rate of teen suicide in the developed world and the 2nd highest in those ages under 25 yrs.

The new YFC NZ is addressing this issue and wants to partner with local school, colleges, churches, community and youth groups, to being this message to the nations youth. Contact us if you would like to host a meeting on Youth Suicide

  • Other strategies include
  • Leadership training for ministry, possibly full-time, based in Auckland.
  • Short term mission teams to South Pacific Island nations, and within New Zealand.
  • Youth Leadership internships to New Zealand Church Youth ministry, and to South Pacific YFC ministries. YFC is Pro-Church, not Para-Church
  • Rallies/ Youth Events once a term with a clear focus on evangelism.
  • Camps with a clear intent to train and grow in Christian living, and making Disciple makers
  • International Kingdom Youth Festival, with a multi-cultural input, especially from our South Pacific Island YFC partners.

Note: YFC NZ, in the preliminary stages of ministry, will not be creating localized youth programs or clubs. It will concentrate on supporting churches in their youth activities, in the areas of evangelism, disciple making and leadership training strategies.